Cognitive Therapy

As parents, nothing feels more important than keeping our children healthy.

If your infant, child, or teenager has been recently diagnosed with a concussion or traumatic brain injury, a language disorder, a motor speech disorder, or a motor planning/programming disorder it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. 

You might be wondering what the best course of treatment is. How can you ensure your child is equipped with all the tools they need? The answers to these stressful questions and more can be determined with the assistance of a licensed occupational therapist.

You don’t have to navigate your child’s diagnosis alone. If you and your child need the guidance of a skilled occupational therapist, contact Southern Pediatric Therapy Clinic to schedule an appointment.

What does an occupational therapist do?

Individuals with physical, sensory, or cognitive disabilities can work with an occupational therapist to regain or build a comfortable level of independence in all areas of their lives.

At Southern Pediatric Therapy Clinic, our occupational therapists typically treat the following conditions and more:

  • Aphasia. This is a language disorder that usually is caused by an injury to the brain.  Children with aphasia may struggle to express or understand spoken and written language. 

Aphasia can be treated with speech therapy. If your child has aphasia, a speech pathologist will focus on rebuilding your child’s language skills.

  • Apraxia is a motor planning/programming disorder that can affect multiple different areas of the body. Speech pathologists treat Apraxia when it becomes hard for patients to move their tongue, mouth, and/or lips to create speech.
  • Dysarthria is a motor speech disorder seen in individuals with impaired muscle movements in the lips, tongue, vocal folds, and diaphragm. There are several types of dysarthria. Your occupational therapist can help you determine which condition your child has. 

Occupational therapists can also treat concussions, traumatic brain injuries, dysphagia, voice disorders, and cognitive impairment disorders. 

Get started with OT today!

Occupational therapy (OT) has been proven to help children play, master daily physical activities including speech, improve performance in school, and even boost their self-esteem.

When you and your child arrive at your first OT appointment at Southern Pediatric Therapy Clinic, expect to be greeted by a team of passionate therapists who are committed to serving your family. 

After your child’s initial evaluation, an individualized treatment plan will be recommended. This plan may include group therapy, parent/teacher education and training, and community in-services.

You do not have to approach confusing or nerve-wracking diagnoses alone. If you believe your child could benefit from OT, contact Southern Pediatric Therapy Clinic today to schedule an appointment with one of our skilled therapists.